Terms & Conditions

1. I, wish to participate in Breakfast Group Ride organized by Brightautoagencies and desirous of riding Two Wheeler owned by Above mentioned person.

2.I am, on my free will, at my sole risk/responsibility and having understood of the risks involved, am willing to take part in the event/activity.

3. I hold a valid and effective Indian Driving License No.

4. I state that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in this Group Ride

5. I am fully aware and agree to abide by the all statutory laws, rules and regulations, safety measures etc including Motor vehicles Act and Central Motor Vehicles Rules and the amendments there to that are essential for riding a two-wheeler in India. I also agree to obey all rules set and explained by Brightautoagencies.

6. I agree to wear all necessary safety Riding Gears while riding during the event.

7. I will not make any deviation from the approved route for Group Ride as informed to me.

8. I shall not ride the bike/scooter beyond the permissible speed limit of that particular road.

9. I agree to provide requested details (including but not limited to Name, Full Address, Contact Telephone Number, Current vehicle details).

10. I am not under the influence of alcohol or any drugs that might impair my alertness and driving abilities.

11. Details of the vehicle (bike/scooter) bearing registration no that would be used/ridden for the said activity/event is annexed herewith.

12. That I shall indemnify and keep indemnified the organisers, its directors, employees and / or agents, and all persons assisting them in this event for any liability, damage, injury, loss, penalties, costs, compensation or claim that may arise due to any act, omission, mishap, accident, violation, technical and / or mechanical fault / failure etc. arising out from riding the said bike/scooter. I shall also not claim any such damages, compensation, loss, etc. as mentioned in this para from the organisers Brightautoagencies.

13. The indemnity shall be binding on my heirs, executors, administrative and legal representatives.

14. I declare that the said vehicle is suitable and road worthy for the event

15. I understand and accept the above terms and conditions.

16. That the contents stated above and in the annexure are true and correct and nothing false has been concealed or stated herein.

I, the above named person hereby voluntarily executes, this declaration-cum-undertaking with free will and without any threat, duress or inducement.

I hereby acknowledge that I am conversant with the risks and dangers of this Group Ride in general and this event in particular.

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